Friday, 23 May 2008

Ormskirk observations

A distinct lack of any scandal in Ormskirk yesterday - presumably because most of it happens after dark in Rainsford - see previous post. Anyway, dutifully trundled around the usual trainee hotspots; library, community centre, market, pub.

Came across a 1960s school reunion, got excited thinking that had to be an easy page lead, called the organiser to find the professionals are already on the case. Consoled myself with the old 'great minds' chesnut and then bought a dress. (Grey and dusk pink tea dress with muted frills, just on the right side of twee.)

I have a handbag full of flyers to look through this afternoon, but my first call is to 'Philosophy in Pubs' - surely a feature and few pints in that?


Old Reprobate said...

Oh dear, so no salacious snippets for me to tut-tut then?

Never mind, the bank holiday weekend is upon us so there's bound to be the odd church fete you can cover..... the salacious aspects thereof, obviously. There's bound to be lots happening behind the bike sheds or at the back of the flower competition tent!... and who's that wearing the vicar's dog collar as a necklace? And keep an eye out for bluetoothers!!!

Philosophy in Pubs!.... isn't that a contradiction in terms?.... But at least you can enjoy the beer while you consider Dick Cart's famous maxim: "I drink therefore I can!"


Soph said...

Have you never seen Hot Fuzz?? That film clearly demonstrates that it's towns like Ormskirk that you should watch out for...because underneath their sleepy exterior often lies a dark underbelly of insalubrious scandal...