Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ormskirk expedition

Preparing for new role as trainee reporter on the Ormskirk Advertiser I thought I'd best do some research. Visiting the place for the first time in my life seems like a good way to start, and so I'm off there this afternoon. Until this morning I was working on the assumption that it is a sleepy market town 15 miles north of Liverpool.

Never assume anything - that's what google taught me today:

The old people of Ormskirk are adventurous:

So are the young people:

In fact, everyone in Ormskirk is adventurous: A link to an article about swinging in the area on the Ormskirk Advertiser website.

I'll deliver my verdict on the new patch upon my return.

1 comment:

Old Reprobate said...

Ormskirk is beginning to sound like "where it's all at".... definitely the place to be for adventure..... Tuscany?.. Nice?.. New York?.. London?... eat your hearts out! The new mantra: "Play rest and work in edgy Ormskirk!"

Seriously though, I hope you had an enjoyable afternoon! As for dotted lines.... Congratulations! X