Monday, 26 May 2008

Dancing in the streets

You know that Liverpool Culture '08 is in full swing when you venture into town for a spot of shopping only to be confronted by a dancing table and chair on Church St.

And some human sized seagulls, a host of angels, an Edwardian tea party and a drag act that bore more than a passing resemblance to Ming the Merciless.

In search of sanity we turned down Bold St - to find that a group of mime artists had taken up residence in practically every shop window along the street, bringing the place to a standstill.

We gave up on the shopping and watched Nanna and her three boys in their search for love. Think League of Gentlemen comes to Liverpool with Klezmer soundtrack and their own coffin and you'd be somewhere close. Hilarious.

In the pub we ran into friends from the Playhouse who'd spent all day merrily checking in and out the Elizabethan ladies, stilt walkers and gorillas. When the gorillas wanted to know where lunch was they had to tell them there had been a delay and that until it arrived there was only a bunch of bananas. A french dance troupe got lost in translation and the centre of Liverpool - scouse accents being too much for their grasp of English - cue a search party.


Soph said...

It's posts like these, Laura, which make me question what little extras you've been adding to your morning coffee!

Lalalaura said...

Just to prove I've not taken to pouring absinthe on my cornflakes just yet.