Thursday, 3 July 2008

Elvis and I

I met Elvis Costello today, and I was charmed. The man now has one more fan in the world.
We put a note to the residents of the Wirral on the website asking them to send in the questions they wanted putting to him - and they did! Simple things please me.
Anyway, Elvis loved the geek chic of my (ok, their) questions, such as: "Do you plan to release the Wendy James demos?"
I will now write nice things about him because he had twinkly eyes and was an absolute gent.
I did have to resist the very unprofessional urge to ask if I could try on his trademark specs.


Old Reprobate said...

Welcome to the big time Ms Journesalist! [Jonesalist... Jones-the-Journalist... geddit?] X

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the interview? I thought it was going to be posted July 4.

Lalalaura said...

Ah, well CheerApplejacks there has been an interesting twist in the Elvis story. A blast from the man's Birkenhead past has been in touch with us so the editor has decided to review both articles and possibly put them in print first. One way or the other the interview wil be published, fear not.

Top Balcony said...


My fears are allayed... but what is the answer to the Wendy James demos question?


Lalalaura said...

Fear not Elvis fans - here is my chat with Elvis. It was a fast and furious five mins, but I hope you enjoy it.

Also keep checking the Wirral News website because one of my colleagues has another cracking Elvis story in the pipeline.

johnfoyle said...

Has the 'cracking' story appeared yet?