Friday, 25 July 2008

Birthday presents for boys

What do you buy for a 23 year old guy?

I have a day off because it's my brother's birthday - but I have no birthday gift.

There's just no winning as far as I can see. Girls are supposedly the difficult ones, but I don't know many that would say no to Chanel perfume, or a bunch of flowers. OK, so they aren't original ideas - but they'd always make her smile.

I'm currently refusing to go down the socks and underpants route - but I see a time in the near future when I'll cave in and join the majority of the female gift buying population.

We bought my grandfather a box of liquorice allsorts for his birthday every year until he died, and that didn't seem to do him any harm.

One year I deviated from the strategy and bought a stupidly expensive pair of magnetic teflon oven gloves, which he was thrilled with. Last night I found them in the bottom of a drawer in my grandma's kitchen - unused.

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