Thursday, 26 June 2008

Them blues

Aren't these lovely? My grandma was stuck in bed today so I took this pic to cheer her up. I like to believe that they are really, truly, without genetic modification, THAT blue.

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Old Reprobate said...

Petal, they are beautiful! They're Delphiniums also known as Larkspur. And, just for completion, they're from the Buttercup family. They are still one of my favourite flowers.... we used to sell them from my father's nursery. Somewhere I have a photo taken at Wisley by the Delphinium testing beds.... all the blues, purples, pinks and white varieties that are known. I'll find it for when I next see you! There's also a terrific bed of them in Regent's Park! As to genetic modification.... there may have been some 'tweaking' for decorative garden use over the years but, essentially, they can be that blue! X