Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Is it a lamb? Is it a banana? No, it's a Superlambanana!

So, until this week there were 120 Superlambananas in Liverpool, to celebrate '08.
And what better way for Liverpool to showcase its rich traditions, and time honoured customs than by nicking one of them?
Yep that's right there are now only 119:
He took the smallest Superlambanana of the flock. Bless, won't the little lamb be scared without Ma Baa?
Besides which, the Superlambanana rustler has only gone and handed an excuse to smug southerners to resurrect the old "theiving scouser" chesnut.
Today Radio City reckon they are hot on his trail.
Hopefully, as I type there's a swot team of SAS men encircling his Norris Green house, ready to storm the joint on the command: "Go Superlambananas!"

In the meanwhile there's still a flock of 119 on the city streets, so I snapped three today to cheer myself up in the rain.


Mike Nolan said...

I'm off work tomorrow so I'm heading into town to see how many I can snap. Seen quite a few since the weekend - they crop up in all sorts of places!

Lalalaura said...

Extra points if you snap the hostage superlambana and kidnapper - in which case I'll be wanting an exclusive interview with you.

Old Reprobate said...

There was something interesting on Front Row this evening about these fruity critters.... If you want to do the "listen again" thing, it starts 22m 03s into the programme... it wasn't just about their being on the streets but about the supposedly disputed ownership of the original super lambanana and, possibly, the ownership of the 120 [119] little ones... maybe worth investigating... or has it been covered already? X