Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Summer lovin'

Press release of the year so far?

I wondered whether you’re planning on doing any holiday health stories on the website? If so, I’ve pasted info on our safe sex holiday phrases below as research has shown women are more likely to have sex with a new partner on holiday more quickly than they would at home ([1] What happens in Tenerife stays in Tenerife: understanding women’s sexual behaviour on holiday”, M Thomas (2005).

The Language Of Love
Essential foreign phrases for a sexy and safe holiday


At last! Summer’s finally here. Time to start planning that trip you’ve been looking forward to all year – there’s nothing quite like fun in the sun with your bezzie mate.
But it’s not just about the trip to the beautician or the high street before you go. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and have fun while you’re away.
Sun, sangria and sexy senors can be a powerful mix, and research shows women are more likely to have sex with a new partner more quickly on holiday than they would at home. So whether you’re in the mood for a holiday romance or not, the best way to stay safe and healthy is to slip a pack of condoms into your washbag before you go.

Whether you’re hooking up with Sexy Stavros or getting it on with Pouting Pierre, to help you stay condom confident across the globe we’ve gathered some essential phrases you won’t find in your travel guide.
You can use these condom confident phrases when visiting the following countries:

1. Greece
2. Spain
3. Italy
4. France
5. Germany
6. Portugal

Do you have a condom?
Greek - Eheis ena profylaktiko?
Spanish - Tienes un condon?
Italian - Ce l'hai un preservativo?
French - As-tu un préservatif?
German - Hast Du ein Kondom?
Portuguese – Você tem um preservativo?

No condom no sex
Greek - Horis profylaktiko den exei sex
Spanish - No practico sexo sin condon
Italian - Senza preservativo, niente raporti
French - Pas de préservatif, pas de relations sexuelles
German - Kein Kondom, kein Sex
Portuguese - Nenhum preservativo nenhum sexo

Let’s try this ribbed one
Greek - as prospathisoume afto me tis ravthoseis
Spanish - provemos este con estria
Italian - Proviamo questo modello ondulato
French - Essayons ce modèle nervuré
German - Lass uns dieses Kondom mit Rippen versuchen
Portuguese - Deixe-nos tentar isto marcou um

Which flavour condom do you prefer?

Greek - pia yefsi profylaktikon protimeis?
Spanish - Que sabor de condon prefieres?)
Italian - Quale gusto di preservativo preferici?
French - Quel est ton parfum de préservatif favori ?
German - Welches Aroma Kondom ziehst Du vor?
Portuguese - Que preservativo do sabor você prefere?

Sorry love, you’re not my type
Greek - Signomi koukla mou - den esae o typos mou
Spanish - Lo siento, tu no eres mi tipo
Italian - Mi dispiace caro, ma lei non e mio tipo
French – Désole, mais tu n’es pas my type!
German - Sorry Liebling, du bist einfach nicht mein Typ
Portuguese - Sinto, mas não eres para mim

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