Monday, 4 August 2008

The Big Issue

I just read this story in The Guardian:

"Parents in England will for the first time be routinely informed if a child is clinically overweight under controversial plans to tackle an epidemic of obesity that were announced yesterday by the Department of Health.

"Ministers have ruled that letters to parents should not use the words "fat" or "obese" for fear they might stigmatise overweight children and cause families to ignore the results."

I'd have thought weighing more than a small baby elephant is enough to "stigmatise" a seven-year-old. I can't claim first hand experience on that, but surely being the morbidly obese kid in the class will mean they've heard a lot worse from their playground peers.

Coverage like this is worse than a letter home telling it like it is:

It also crossed my mind that it might be time for action, not words on the issue. As in 20 laps of the playing field action?


Captain Mac said...

Yeah, make the little tubs of lard run!! Being chased by people whipping them with towels. Then televise it.

Or come up with a way to make parents take responsibility for their kids, actually engage with them and stop them eating so much.

Nah - scrap that - go back to the towel running thing!

Lalalaura said...

It's that kind of sadism that makes a brilliant sub I imagine ;)